Discover the soul of your business,

earn with ease and flow.

A business without a soul is just a job to make ends meet.


When I first started my business, I drew a hard line between my spiritual side and business. To a certain point, I experienced success but it felt hard and I lent purely on push energy.


It wasn't until I embraced my intention and intuition that my business started to flow.


Imagine there was a way you could increase your income, welcome a stronger mindset and move through your limiting beliefs with more ease and flow.


This world exists and I'm here to show you how your spiritual side will actually elevate your results.


Welcome to your Soul Led Business.

What's a Soul Led Business?


When I first started my business, I was all about the strategy and tactics. I learnt about online marketing, the funnels, the sequences, the launch process... all the tactical things I believed you needed to be successful.


And sure, I was able to get some clients BUT...


It felt a bit robotic and stiff.


My business felt out of whack.


I realised I was trying to be someone else and copy & paste their strategy for me. I knew to truly be authentic and unapologetically me, I had to shed some layers so my audience could see the real me.


BUT then the next challenge presented itself...


Trying to be just me was more difficult than I thought.


I felt an internal resistance to showing up for my business as my authentic self. I had so much to offer but had these invisible blockers confronting in front of me.


It was listening to my soul, embracing my spirituality that helped me transform back to the real me.


It unlocked all the stuff was holding my me back. It gave me a powerful connection from within. From here the money, joy, clarity, abundance and alignment flows like liquid gold.


Mostly you'll feel more energy than ever before to create your dream life and business.

Discover the soul of your business,

earn with ease and flow.


I want to show you how to unlock your Soul Led Bu$iness and:

  • Create more content in flow to generate more leads, revenue and income your way daily.
  • Blend the strategy with the spiritual. How you define yourself spiritually will be different to the next person. Allow yourself to invite your spiritual side into your business and emerge with your most authentic code.
  • Share more of the most authentic you without the fear of judgement drawing only the most aligned clients your way.
  • Grow into that next level version of yourself to attract opportunities that scare the hell outta you but create so much growth professionally and personally.
  • Earn more with ease. The rituals you create in this course will create such a richness of life, more flow than you've ever and magnetise profitable opportunities your way.





  1. The Answer is in the Shadow - the reason why you’re not fully owning it yet, rituals to unblock, unbind and rebuild into the next level version of you.

  2. Manifesting Money and the Life You Desire - this money mindset module explains the practices that have helped me become a money magnet drawing in $100k months with ease and a lifestyle of my dreams.

  3. Launching Abundantly - my launch rituals that complement my launch strategies. How to tune into soul guidance to create courses that my clients can’t get enough of.

  4. Selling from Your Soul's Joy -  harnessing the ease and flow of selling on social media. The rituals of selling that will change your entire outlook on what's held you back in the past.

  5. Access Limitless Energy for Your Content - consistent ideas for content that helps me grow my revenue, sales and profit exponentially. The rituals that come with hosting live webinars of 500+ attendees, posting daily on socials and never running dry of profitable content ideas. 

  6. Tapping Into Your Next Level - a deep dive with our in-house EFT expert Lindsay from Our&Are and a demonstration to help you write your own tapping script. Truly transformational! 





Ready to discover the soul of your business and earn with ease and flow?



How is the content provided?

Through recorded video masterclasses, audio training and workbooks. You will be given your own login details so you can access the content when you want.


How long do I have access to the content?

You get access to the content for life.


Are there refunds?

No. Payment is non-refundable as per our Billing Terms when you purchase.


Do you guarantee that this course will improve my business?

I would love to guarantee this but I can't. There are too many factors out of my control such as the effort and time you put in. I am however, extremely confident that if you fully immerse yourself into the content you will have a better understanding to operate your business from a spiritual perspective.


How much experience do I need?

You could be just starting or a seasoned veteran. All I ask is that you're open minded to spirituality in business.

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